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Off Guard/Shooting Guard posting in Abilene

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Program:  Abilene Christian University
Sport:  College Basketball
Position:  Off Guard
Shooting Guard
Division Level:  NCAA DIVISION I
Division:  NCAA Division II
State:  Texas (TX)
City:  Abilene

Our college is recruiting for the position of shooting guard (SG), also known as the two or off guard, is one of five traditional positions on a basketball team. Players of the position are often shorter, leaner, and quicker than forwards. A shooting guard's main objective is to score points for his team.

Some teams ask their shooting guards to bring up the ball as well; these players are known colloquially as combo guards.  A player who can switch between playing shooting guard and small forward is known as a swingman. 

Typically, shooting guards are taller than point guards. Height at the position varies. Many bigger shooting guards also play small forward. Shooting guards should be good ball handlers and be able to pass reasonably well, though passing is not their main priority. Since good shooting guards may attract double-teams, they are frequently the team's back-up ball handlers to the point guard and typically get a fair number of assists. 

Shooting guards must be able to score in various ways, especially late in a close game when defenses are tighter. They need to have a good free throw percentage too, to be reliable in close games and to discourage opposing players from fouling. Because of the high level of offensive skills shooting guards need, they are often a team's primary scoring option, and sometimes the offense is built around them.  Good shooting guards can usually play point guard to a certain extent.

It is usually accepted that point guards should have the ball in their hands at most times, but sometimes the shooting guard has a significant enough influence on the team where he or she handles the ball extremely often, to the point where the point guard may be reduced to a backup ball handler or spot-up shooter.

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