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1 year preferred member- $29.00

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Add a recruitment consultation package to any membership for $99.00*

 *Includes 2 - 45 minute personalized recruitment consultations with one of our recruiting experts. Ask questions and get advice on how to get recruited.  First session is to set and implement your personalized recruiting plan.  Second session is for follow up strategy, verify status, and review progress.

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  •  Search college needs
  •  Unlimited athletic profile submission
  • Play book desktop to manage your recruitment campaign & keep track of which schools you are communicating with.
  •  College e-mail alerts- receive e-mails daily or weekly of college roster needs
  •  Access to National college directory – Using this directory allows an athlete all  the appropriate contact information to communicate with the college.
  •  Recruitment Education – This section maps out how to get recruited, the what to do, when to do it and how to do it.
  • IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF A CLUB OR A HIGH SCHOOL TEAM AND YOUR COACH sends us a reference letter or calls us you will be eligible for a Team Discount of up to 15% off listed subscription price. 

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