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Learn how to get recruited

Formula for getting recruited

So You Want To Get Recruited To Play At The College Level?

We at XY SPORTS are here to help.  We know what you want . . . which is, of course, to play your sport successfully at the next level, while earning a full or partial scholarship at the college of your choice.  There are many potential options out there for you, and we will guide you to finding the best fit for you.  Here are some basic tips that will get you started on the right path:

Be Better At Recruiting Than Your Competition
It’s one thing to say you have what it takes to get recruited, but another to be willing to make your recruiting happen for you. Many potential high school recruits contact us looking for direction; they have multiple questions about how to get recruited and are extremely enthusiastic about getting started, but soon enough they do not see the results they had hoped for and give up.  Many times athletes have a great junior year and wonder why college coaches have not found them.   Start your recruitment process as early in your playing career as possible.


Don’t Get Frustrated
The recruiting process can be overwhelming as you sift through a complicated web of procedures, eligibility standards, and compliance rules.  We are here to help recruits understand and guide you through the process.  Getting recruited will no doubt be frustrating; the results you are hoping for may not be there right away.  This is just the way it goes.  Too many times we see once eager recruits throwing in the towel too soon before they have a chance to see the opportunities they could have had.  What recruits need to do is dedicate enough time to being recruited and to locating the right college program for them.


You Are Not Going To See Quick Results
If you are looking for immediate satisfaction, you’re probably not going to find it with the recruiting process. Potential athletic recruits want to feel they are the best and want to have several college coaches competing over them. Of course, this is what all potential college athletes want, but unfortunately it’s not going to happen unless you are the one of the best in the country.

Asking Questions Is The Best Way To Learn
Athletes who are going to be successful in their recruiting are going to need to learn the ins and outs of the recruiting process. They are going to need to ask many questions and put in the time to seek out the best college program for them.

Being Successful
In order to be successful in your recruiting process, you will need to understand the recruiting process and reach out to college coaches. College coaches want to hear from athletes!  They do not always have the time or money to see all potential athletes play which is why making contact and letting coaches know of your interest will be beneficial in your recruitment.

Top 6 Prospect Mistakes:

1.  You think you should have been contacted by college coaches without having to make any efforts.  Wrong.  You must be proactive!  Even if you have played your sport for years, you’ve been a leader on your high school team, and you’ve played successfully in all the right summer tournaments, you still need to take control of your recruitment process.

2.  You think your high school coach or club coach is a recruitment expert.  He or she is not!  Your high school and club coaches are not responsible for your potential future in college sports.  You must take the certain steps to ensure your own success. 


3.  You rely on your parents, high school, or club coach to make phone calls to college coaches on your behalf.  A confident athlete won’t be afraid to make the call. Colleges realize this.

4.  You only want to play at a Division I school and ignore your other possibilities.  The fact is, most high school athletes will not play for a DI school.  However, you can still play at the college level, earn scholarship money, and receive an excellent education at schools besides those that are Division I status.  Don’t let your ego or lack of knowledge about your options stand in the way.  Colleges that fall into DII, III, NAIA, and NJCAA may be your best bet towards achieving your goals.


5.  You give up if your e-mail or phone call has not prompted a response from colleges.  Don’t give up! You must vary your approach.  Be prepared and confident when you call.  Have the proper player profiles filled out and game film ready to send when you speak to colleges.  Athletes who are relentless and obsessive with get noticed the most.

6.  You are afraid to ask the tough questions when you do make contact.  Don’t let fear of rejection stop you! 
• Ask if they have reviewed your profile and seen your game film.
• Ask if you are on their recruiting board. 
• Ask when you can visit their school and meet with them.
• Ask for closure so as to not waste their time or yours, but only if they have seen you play and watched your film.

XY SPORTS can help you take charge of your future in college sports! 
Remember to be patient, ask questions, and stick with your goal of getting recruited. The more time you put into the process, the better your chances of playing at the college level.


          These are important steps to follow and read!

(1)                                                  (2)                                                    (3)           

Athlete's Responsibility   Dialogue with Coaches     Eligibility Center       


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Graduation Rates - School by school info on graduation rates for each NCAA college
NCAA Eligibility Center - Information on the Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse, Coach Contact calendar, Classes needed to qualify 
Eligibility - Making sure you are eligible to compete at the NCAA level
Schools by Division - Links to schools by division, by sport, by conference, by region
Recruiting Calendar - List, by sport, of contact periods and dead periods for NCAA for DI & DII

FAFSA-Federal Student Aid - Free application for students seeking Federal Aid (must see)

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