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Help & FAQs

We at XY(Sports) are here to help you!  If you have a question for us or a suggestion on how we can make XY(Sports) easier to navigate, email us at or visit our Contact Us page.  Now go get recruited! 


Frequently Asked Questions (by Athletes):

1.       How old do you have to be to register on the XY(Sports) website?

2.       Do I need my parents' permission to register on the XY(Sports) site?

3.       Is XY(Sports) just for female athletes?

4.       How do I know if I am good enough to play on a college team?

5.       I am at least 13 years, so I'm old enough to sign up and to fill out a questionnaire, but what grade should I be in to start applying to colleges that have openings for my position in my sport?

6.       Should I fill out more than one profile questionnaire if I play more than one sport in high school?

7.       How will a college know to look for me?

8.       If I register, but I don't pay to become a full Member, can college coaches see my profile?

9.       Why can't I just go to a college's website and fill out their "athlete questionnaire" for free?

10.    If I don’t hear back from a college or university that I’m interested in, should I contact them again or should I wait until they contact me? Will I get a rejection notice if they don’t want me or will I just never hear from them?

11.    I'm a pretty good athlete in my sport, but I'm not sure I am good enough to get a full or even partial scholarship at a college or university. But I really want to play my sport at the college level! Would XY(Sports) work for me if all I could hope for is a Walk-On position?

12.    How important is uploading game film/video of me in competition? Don't college recruiters travel to see high school players compete?

13.    Where can I find all of the rules on how and when colleges are allowed to approach and recruit high school athletes?

14.    I'm a female athlete who already plays on a college level team, but I'm thinking of transferring schools. Would XY(Sports) work for me, or is it only for girls in high school?

15.    I have more questions, but they haven't been answered here. Can I contact XY(Sports)? Help!



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